approaching Your wedding stationery


A single piece of cardstock often carries more weight than we give it credit for. Warmth, remembrance, belonging, anticipation - they’re all as real and as present as the ink on the page.

Much like a well-planned potluck amongst loved ones, the ingredients to your grandmother’s famed apple pie recipe, or the union of two families on a wedding day, every element of good design comes together to create something greater than any piece could individually. When design is approached with attention to authenticity, the result is memorable, timeless, and meaningful.


They represent who you are and what you love. This allows me to craft artwork that fits as well today as it will when your grandchildren pull it from the shelf in fifty years.

We will carry the same understanding and deliberation through every piece of your wedding stationery, from the weight of the paper to the way the twine around your suite is wrapped. As a full service stationer, my role begins with design and carries through to the end of production, including the printing, assembling, and stamping of your final pieces. Your save the date, invitation suites, and day of signage details are all handled with the same care.

As your stationer, it’s my role and honor to create artful, personal pieces that capture your intentions for your wedding day and your marriage. Achieving that begins with truly getting to know you. I want to know what you value and why it matters. I want to know the things that most excite you about getting married and about each other. What’s your favorite way to spend time together? How do you want your loved ones to feel when they sit down at their place setting for your wedding dinner? Who’s dad tells the better dad jokes? I look forward to hearing the story about how you fell in love with your ceremony site, gown, and the band, too. All of these details are as relevant to me and this process as knowing you love letterpress and organic script. 


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